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Hi, my name is Erik and I am the creator of Wac Fitness.  After playing sports for the entirety of my youth and then finishing my career playing division 1 college football I decided to delve into my passion: fitness.  

My love for fitness started when I was just a 13-year-old middle schooler. After a day of school and sports practice, I would come home and venture down into my basement and workout in dad’s makeshift gym each and every night.  I was amazed at how fast my body transformed. In a matter of weeks, it was like I was a different person. From then on, I was hooked.  

As a football player, I would lift to get as big, fast, and strong as possible.  Therefore, I’m well versed in lifts that promote explosive power like squats, cleans, deadlifts, etc. 

However, after my football career was over, I had a new focus: getting “ripped”. I wanted to drop body fat while maximizing lean muscle mass as much as possible.  Optimizing for low body fat while building lean muscle, in my opinion, is more difficult and requires much more discipline than strictly lifting for size and power.  Not only are high levels of intense bouts of cardio involved, but strict diet limitations are also apart of getting in great shape.  As I embarked on my “getting ripped” journey, I discovered that my sex appeal was indirectly proportional to my body fat percentage. I.e. the lower my body fat, the more attractive I was to the opposite sex.

I soon found out by simply putting in the work at the gym I could perform better on the athletic field, look better in person, be perceived by others better, and attract better girls. It was and is an unfair advantage.

My experiences as a high-level power athlete and experience getting into great aesthetic shape have given me unique insights on not only how to gain muscle, but how to burn fat and optimize every facet of your health.

I’ve furthered my knowledge about health and fitness by earning certificates in nutrition and fitness like the one picture below:

Some other miscellaneous things that I’ve done are…

I’ve been featured in blogs such as bulkhackers.com and I have done fitness modeling with some smaller e-commerce brands on the web. I also started up a successful beach bootcamp located at the Jersey Shore called LBIfit.

So who is this site exactly for? It’s for those who are searching for knowledge on how to master their bodies, It’s for those that are looking to put on some lean muscle, it’s for those who are trying to shed some unwanted body fat, it’s for those who are trying to attract more girls, and for it’s those who want to wake up and feel great each day.

Welcome to the world of Wac Fitness.

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