Workout and Nutrition Planning:

My coaching focuses on hormone optimization. Due to the standard American diet (high levels of carbs, high levels of sugar, and high levels of processed food) along with a busy/stressed out lifestyle, most American men have hormones that resemble a 10-year-old girl’s. Good luck losing fat and gaining muscle like that!.

My nutrition and workout program does a hard reset on your hormones to break you out of a vicious cycle that will keep you forever fat. The first and probably most important hormone we target is insulin. By mastering your insulin levels and sensitivity, we can set you up for success. You will be able to finally lose fat and gain muscle.

Once your insulin is optimized we then focus on naturally generating more testosterone and growth hormone by working out with a higher “training density”.

Training density is a simple concept. If you are able to do 10 sets of bench press in 45 minutes, we can make the training session more “dense” by making you do those same 10 sets of bench press in a 30-minute window instead. You’re doing the same amount of work but in less amount of time, hence, making the training session “denser.” This is proven to raise testosterone and growth hormone. In the meantime, you shred away fat and build lean muscle.

Let’s be real. Right now you can look up on google an 8-week nutrition and workout plan for free. So why don’t people do this? Well, they do, but do they stick to these plans? Hell no! That’s because no one is holding them accountable and deep in their mind there is a slight doubt about the efficacy of the program they are doing.

Let me explain. Having someone else hold you accountable is one of the main secrets to staying committed to your goals. I communicate with my clients on a weekly or daily basis to make sure they are following their nutrition and fitness programs. It puts pressure on my customers to follow the plan and do the work! Simple, yet extremely effective! In addition, having someone there to communicate with you and guide you through your fitness journey helps to eliminate doubt which is huge.

If you’re interested in having a consultation about your fitness goals, please feel free to reach me via email and get you on track to fulfilling your fitness goals.

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